IAMA CEO Update (Summer 2017)

This has been a very busy few months since the last update. Sun N Fun has come and gone with 13 IAMA members displaying and interacting with people.

The IAMA Conference has gone into the history books as one of the best ever if I can believe the feedback from the members who were in attendance. The first day was a Safety Seminar conducted by Jon Egeler of (Click here to visit Mission Safety International) while the last day was the Generational Engagement Seminar by (Click here to visit Dr. Lisa Dunne) from San Diego Christian College. In between was filled with reports from you, research results which will help us make better decisions moving into the future, new technology and presentations by several manufacturers. Also a highlight was having Phil Koop (NTMA), Woody McLendon (JAARS) and John Boyd (MAF) who are the presidents of their respective organizations share in a panel giving us their thoughts on our present and future challenges as well as their priorities in their ministries. Another highlight was the support from San Diego Christian College and Shadow Mountain Church. Dr. Combs coordinated the devotionals each morning and of course having Dr. David Jeremiah as the banquet speaker was fabulous.

Thank you to all who presented making the conference a success.

The last week of July will find us in Oshkosh Wisconsin at the big airshow. All 13 display tables will be filled by IAMA members in the IAMA Display tent and a number of others will drop by throughout the week. Several other organizations will have separate displays also. We will have numerous speaking opportunities throughout our time there which allows us to share our vision and how God is working through each of our organizations.

MASA has been busy preparing for our arrival but if you haven’t let them know you will be there for any amount of time, please let them know. They stand ready to serve you but can’t unless they know you are coming. Let me know if you are planning to visit Airventure that week, if you haven’t already.

IAMA has agreed to take on sponsorship of another event in 2018. More information will come in my next update.

The IAMA website has benefited greatly from having James Baker as our new website manager. The focus has been on getting the IAMA Conference information posted. In the coming months the “Members Only” section will be activated. That section is where you will login in to get access to members only information. You can visit James Baker’s website by clicking on the link below: (Click here to visit James Baker’s website).

James Baker Design is offering an INCREDIBLE 20% discount for all IAMA members. Plus, if you attended the 2017 IAMA Conference at San Diego you will receive an ADDITIONAL 10% discount – That’s a 30% discount. Why would you pass that up? Contact James Baker Design at James Baker Design.

Click IAMA Members Page then click on your organization. Does your info show up? Is it current? Would you like to change it? More importantly, do you have photos? We would love to add photos to your section. It would help visitors know more about you (remember, a picture is worth a thousand words). It won’t change unless you let me know so email me your updated information so your info will be current when people are looking for you. I regularly refer people who are inquiring to that page on the IAMA website so they can get an overview of who you are and what you do.

Under His Wings,

Glen Ferguson – CEO
International Association of Missionary Aviation
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